Your beliefs about money significantly affect your financial status and goals. These beliefs, although subconscious, are what drive your habits and decisions based on money. Every day, you have the chance to introspect your beliefs about money and change them for the better. If you are someone who lives from paycheck to paycheck, then you might have a scarcity mindset when it comes to money. You might have had a defining experience in your life that might have triggered you to develop certain beliefs. The unsettling thing about money beliefs is that most of them were formed from other people’s opinions or media rather than from first-hand life experience. Suppose you are struggling with a scarcity mindset; you might be overspending or not spending at all due to money anxiety. If you don’t have a positive money mindset, you will find yourself struggling to accomplish your financial goals or experience an inability to believe in your capabilities to achieve them.

What is an abundant mindset?

Developing a positive money mindset is all dependent on the environment you grew up in. The lessons learned from your parents, teachers, friends, and the media can either positively or negatively contribute to developing a money mindset. However, once you become an adult, developing a positive mindset is your sole responsibility. It is important to understand what an abundant mindset looks like to develop a positive attitude towards money. A person with an abundant mindset doesn’t worry whether they will have enough to support their lifestyle.


They take action with confidence that they will always have more than enough to accomplish their goals. People with an abundance mindset do not shy away from budgets or financial planning. Having a budget ensures that you are not spending more than you make. It also puts a perspective on your money habits, thus helping you to recognize unnecessary spending. Having an abundance mindset also helps with cutting down emotional spending, which is a significant issue for the majority of people. People with a positive money mindset also don’t compare themselves with their peers. In today’s digital world, comparing is quite easy, and it can create feelings of inadequacy, envy, and lack when it comes to money and lifestyle.

Change Your Conversation:

To change your money mindset, begin by changing your story. We all tell ourselves stories 24×7 about who we are, what our capabilities are, and what we can and cannot do. When it comes to accomplishing anything in life, humans are often ridden with self-doubt and insecurity. We tell ourselves, ‘Oh, I am too old for that,’ ‘I am too young to accomplish that,’ ‘I would love to start, but I don’t have much knowledge about the topic,’ etc. When it comes to money, we tell ourselves, ‘Money is the cause of all evil’ or ‘I will never be able to afford that.’ Change your money mindset by simply shifting your choice of words around. Instead of telling yourself, ‘I will never be able to afford that,’ tell yourself, ‘I can afford that later’ or ‘I am not able to afford that yet.’ These simple changes can eventually change your money script and set you up for success.

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