Money blocks are beliefs that hold you back from reaching financial goals. These blocks might keep you from setting appropriate financial goals and set you up for financial difficulties. Some of the common money blocks are negative self-talk, not holding yourself accountable for your financial decisions, and seeing money as your personal worth. Some negative self-talk includes telling yourself, ‘I will never be able to afford that,’ ‘Money is the root of all evil,’ or ‘I am not that smart or beautiful.’ People with money blocks can also hoard money out of the fear of losing it. Some people overspend or try to portray a persona of a rich person. People with money blocks often exhibit low self-esteem, no confidence in themselves, fear of success or failure, etc. They might choose to avoid dealing with money altogether or micromanage it with anxiety and worries about the next paycheck. People with money blocks might not have any clear expectations or financial goals owing to the lack of confidence. They might also believe that all financially successful people are evil or might have committed some kind of crime. Some religious people also might take pride in being poor as they think nobility comes with being poor.

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Changing your Money Blocks:

The first step towards changing your money blocks and rewriting your money scripts is to recognize their presence. Through continuous examination and introspection, you can easily find out your beliefs about money. Examine how you interact with money. What do you think while you go shopping or perform transactions? Think about your earliest memories of money. Did you grow up with parents who talked negatively about money? Identify the limiting beliefs surrounding money and change them using positive affirmations. When it comes to affirmations, repetition is the key. Repeat a positive money mantra and change your negative money talk. Of course, repeating positive mantras can only do so much in replacing lifelong belief systems. Taking positive actions such as educating yourself about money, optimizing your budget, and setting financial goals for yourself is a significant way in which you can change your money script. However, when you are struggling with money blocks, taking these actions can be incredibly difficult owing to the anxiety it creates within a person. Identify fears such as ‘If I earn more, it is inevitable that I will lose the extra money somehow,’ ‘No one can have everything in life all at the same time,’ or ‘If I earn more money, that means I am taking from someone more deserving of the money.’ Sabotaging beliefs like these will only keep you stuck and scared.

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Seeking professional help:

It might be easy for some people to change their money beliefs, yet for some others identifying them and changing deep-rooted negative money scripts may take time and effort. Seeking the guidance of a professional can significantly help change money blocks if they are a result of abandonment, significant financial losses, and other addictions. Another point is to think about where your advice comes from; perhaps it’s coming from well-intentioned parents or friends who have never done any of the things you aspire for. Take care to believe only the opinions of people who have achieved the level of success you are craving.

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